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September 1, 2017

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The research team and members of the project reference group celebrated the launch of the final report - Consumer Directed Care: The expectations and experiences of people aged 50 years and over in Australia.

FYI Housing co-op opened for older women in the UK

The community has a timetable for rotas for cleaning and cooking. Once a week, they share a meal, cooked by four of the residents, and there are group outings and meetings to organise the community. "The architecture is lovely, but the important architecture is the social fabric," says Brenton. "The sense of community doesn't just happen, and we have done a lot to create it and sustain it."


How does that sound? Find out more about this group of 26 women aged in their 50s to 87 years old here

FYI Ageing in America

The Coming of Age in an Aging America is an extensive public media project aimed at creating conversation and action to productively shape America as an ageing society.


Not sure if we in Australia will be able to access the full documentary but it will be available on the Next Avenue website from June to August 2017, so might be worth checking.

In the meantime the project website has a thought provoking 4 minute video you might find interesting. What do you think? What could we do here in Australia to ride the wave?

Toolkit launched

To support aged care providers enhance job and care quality, the Quality Jobs Quality Care Project developed and trialled a series of workplace interventions that successfully enhanced working conditions for care workers and care quality.


The toolkit provides useful and accessible tools and resources to enable aged care providers to audit job quality and develop small scale change strategies.


Lee-Fay Low, Associate Professor in Ageing and Health at the University of Sydney discusses the Seven steps to help you choose the right home care provider in the Conversation.

Read the full article here

FYI Village to Village model of seniors housing

“Aging in place is a really great concept, but it can be isolating. If you don't have children or other family living near you having someone to check in on you, or bring your groceries once a week, or make sure you're getting out of the house and participating in things, can be an important piece of this.”


“Local governments are providing more support as they realize the importance of senior villages. City support is only in a few areas so far, including San Francisco, but we're really hoping this trend will continue. Two counties, Montgomery County in Maryland and Fairfax County in Virginia both have either a part-time or full-time staff person that's the village liaison to provide information for villages that are starting and provide additional support and funding for operating villages.”

FYI Wisdom of ages

Here are some older Australians sharing the one pearl of wisdom that has formed at the centre of their shell.